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Season card

Entrée sur ardoise Opervenches

Treat yourself !
Compose your menu …

An appetizer and a dish = 24 € (Hors dimanche et jours fériés)
An appetizer, a dish and a dessert = 29 €
An appetizer, a dish, cheese and a dessert = 38 €
An appetizer,fishing of the day, a dish, cheese and a dessert = 46 €

Dishes with supplement can not be chosen from the menu at 24 €.

O Pervenches obtained on June 27, 2017, the title of Maître Restaurateur.

Maître Restaurateur, what is it exactly?

Opervenches - Maître RestaurateurThe Maître Restaurateur is committed to create a 100% “homemade” menu by offering a cuisine made on the spot based on raw, mostly fresh products. The chef works with local producers, and uses seasonal products, local produce …

The quality of service and customer reception follows strict criteria to respect in order to offer an exceptionnal moment to the custommer.

Maître Restaurateur is the first and only official title of traditional independent catering. It is recognized and awarded by the State after an audit. Today only 3000 Maître Restaurateur are referenced in France.


To begin...

Crème Vichyssoise

garlic bread / herb pesto


Warm goat cheese salad with Savoie honey

toast of country bread / roasted nuts / apples / small condiments


Country terrine

green salad / vegetable pickles


Black pudding pie

pears chestnuts compote / grated beetroot in balsamic vinaigrette with candied shallot


Foie gras terrine with Vermouth de Chambéry

Peach chutney  / toasted olive bread
(from the menu at 38 € or suppl. from 4 € in the menu at 29 €)


The dishes

To continue...

Vegetarian dish

Pumpkin stuffed with mushroom risotto (gressin / red onion chips)


Fishing from Jérémie RIGAUX / depending on arrivals

flavored with sage and rosemary / roasted parsnips / mushroom duxelles with tarragon / polenta with olives / cream of fennel


Roasted yellow chicken supreme

Cabbage Rump / Potato Rösti and Celeriac / Chestnut Emulsion


Duck breast

tian sweet potato / poached pear with red wine / ginger crumble / duck juice with tonka bean
(from the menu at 38 € or suppl. from 4 € in the menu at 29 €)


Beef fillet – French origin – Montbéliarde cows

gratin de crozets with Meule de Savoie / pumpkin puree with honey and coffee / spinach / pepper sauce
(from the menu at 38 € or suppl. from 4 € in the menu at 29 €)



The Classic Burger, green salad and french fries

170g Beef steak : origin Rhône-Alpes / stewed with onions / tomatoes confit /  Savoy cheese / burger sauce


The Vegan Burger, green salad and french fries

Loin steak / stewed onions / tomatoes confit / grated beetroot in vinaigrette / burger sauce



White cheese

nature, with cream or red fruit coulis


Cheese board



To finish

Vacherin revisited, pear sorbet  and milk chocolate ice cream

red fruit coulis / whipped cream


Gingerbread Crumble with Savoy Apples and Figs

vanilla ice cream


Chocolate fondant and candied orange heart

pineapple sorbet


Clafouti with grapes

salted butter caramel sauce / berries sorbet


Creme brulee of the moment

tile with sesame lace


The formula

Brasserie du midi


Served exclusively for lunch
from Wednesday to Friday, excluding public holidays

  • Today’s special: 12 €
  • Entry of the day + Dish of the day : 15 €
  • Dish of the day + Gourmet coffee: 16 €
  • Entry of the day + Dish of the day + Gourmet coffee : 18 €

Find our formula of the day on our facebook page

“Homemade” dishes are made on the spot from raw products.

French meat

Children's menu at 13 €

Under 13 years old

Roasted Yellow Poultry Supreme OR Back Fishing

  • Choice of side dish : Roasted parsnips / Mushroom duxelles OR “House” fresh fries OR Mushroom risotto
  • Dessert : Two balls ice cream cup or cottage cheese plain / or with cream / or red fruit coulis
  • Drink of your choice (20cl) : 1 glass of Coca-Cola © OR 1 syrup OR 1 fruit juice (apple or orange) OR 1 glass of Ice Tea OR 1 glass of Orangina ©

Plat raffiné proposé par le restaurent OPervenches situé à Chambéry en Savoie